Let’s get started.

So here I am, working on my newly created blog. but hey everyone needs to be a starter :-D.

A little info about me. Name’s Rikun.

A person who loves to hang out with my friends and do derpy things, sing along, wonder places and many more.

My hobbies are cosplaying, drawing, gaming, photography, and blogging.

But my most loved part about me is I’m inlove with food.

On my other side,

I started taking my interest on photography because of some sites/blogs i’ve been running into that cought my attention. I went wowza over those fantastic photos. Then I entered the world of cosplay then I found out that there’s more underneath those amazing clothes.

So I went out with my friends to do some fun shoots and ofcourse to practice haha.


We really had fun during this shoot. And did I mention that we forgot to aid a permit here to shoot? That added up the whole crazy fun activity we did that day. Haha.

I’ll be making another entry for this one.

I also got some photos here that includes my daily life and other events that had been passed by and for nothing to do purposes. Wiii.

soaring high-945878370

the smell of christmas



Flying high37314565

And considering that I haven’t got any formal photography lessons by that. So yeah, I like experimenting and mixing all kinds of styles to make them more unique.

And thats kinda it. I’ll post new blog post for the later projects to come.

Rikun signing off.

Catch me in:

Instagram: melazyninja

DeviantArt: https://melazyninja.deviantart.com/


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