Fun Shoot | Project 1

A new day start and there’s me making my 2nd photo entry post for my blog. Yahoo! 😀

As I said from my previews post, I’d create a separate entry for those photos whom I shared earlier, well here it is.

So me and my friends decided to do a fun shoot for their cosplay and also because we’re bored. Haha. It was really fun working with them. A little fun fact about this. We forgot to get a

permit ticket to shoot here, in the end some officers came across us then asking us permits. Gladly, we we’re done with our shoot so it was no biggy. TO BE HONEST, we we’re laughing like we’re ok with it or something. Haha.

Always ask permission regarding the place your gunna do your shoot. :-D. I know I wil next timel.

DSC_0099 DSC_0218


Some bloppers during the shoot or off screen pics.

Catch me in:

Instagram: melazyninja



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