Fun Shoot 3 | Project 1


Glad to be back again. Sorry for the in activeness but yeah, school works and stuff. Yes, it’s killing me internally haha.

Started up again a new fun shoot with KIYO and also with Claire as our very cute and adorabubu helper. As usual we were bored and had to do something crazy and fun so we thought of doing a shoot for another anime/series we love- which is Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou ( Daily Lives of High School Boys)

Rikun/Me as Tadakuni

Kiyo as Hidenori Tabata

So here are some really awkward photos and yes we did edit some parts / “post processed” tehee.




IMG_2730 copy


IMG_2802 copy


Other photos and selfies. Haha.

IMG_2786 IMG_2785 IMG_2774 IMG_2781 IMG_2787 IMG_2788\

Yes and even more

IMG_2708 IMG_2710 IMG_2722 IMG_2724 IMG_2813

As usual we had to include some behind the scene act which are really funny if you ask me 🙂

IMG_2694 IMG_2704 IMG_2708 IMG_2709 IMG_2712 IMG_2765 IMG_2742 IMG_2749 IMG_2744

Wait… It’s not what you think…

IMG_2799 IMG_2803

KIYO’s cute little sister.


Gladly Claire brought some waffle mix and a waffle maker so that means… IT’S BAKING TIME.   (●´∀`)ノ♡

A perfect way to end our shoot  ♡

IMG_2832 IMG_2833 IMG_2834 IMG_2836 IMG_2838 IMG_2839 IMG_2841 IMG_2844 IMG_2845

Till the next post \(owo)/


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