Hetalia Day 2013


Hey, hey guys! It is I, Ri Kun making a new post! Huahaha. Sorry for being inactive. Butt load of homeworks, projects and finals that I had to deal with. But now since it’s the middle of sembreak *party party* , more time to write!


As we all know that October 24 marks up a special kind of event on our calendar. Yes, it’s the United Nations Day!

On my thought as a Hetalian, this event means a lot more I mean much much more. Here, we also celebrate a part of being a nation in a anime series called Hetalia. We’re people are like personification of their own country.  We celebrate this because of  our love for the fandom and how it really means to us. Thus, HETALIA DAY was created and brought forth ’till this year.

Now, we’re celebrating our 5th year. Hetalia Day 2013

Volunteered as a First Aid to help out with the other committees and for the whole event.

Cosplayed Nurse! England.

(Photo taken by me using my Fujifilm Digital camera.) (Yes selfies. Haha)

DSCF4675 DSCF4676 DSCF4677 DSCF4678 DSCF4679 DSCF4680 DSCF4682 DSCF4683 DSCF4684 DSCF4686 DSCF4687 DSCF4688 DSCF4693 DSCF4694

(Now, in my phone huehue)

IMG_20131026_125542 IMG_20131026_125549 IMG_20131026_132513 IMG_20131026_132517 IMG_20131026_132522 IMG_20131026_132533 IMG_20131026_132535 IMG_20131026_151634 IMG_20131026_151640 IMG_20131026_151818 IMG_20131026_151828 IMG_20131026_151833 IMG_20131026_151836 IMG_20131026_151841 IMG_20131026_151842 IMG_20131026_151842_1 IMG_20131026_151842_2 IMG_20131026_163900

( PHOTOS BY MAO VILLENA (c) mao villena )

601356_10151779019794582_1765765949_n 644494_10151778949509582_502718898_n 734358_10151778989814582_570711128_n 945944_10151778956264582_2131942619_n 994391_10151778981609582_1919094499_n 994921_10151778949969582_1027252204_n 1375708_10151778964794582_157466497_n 1378451_10151778983469582_2041818714_n 1378470_10151778981729582_1267082806_n 1379422_10151778934309582_2121082319_n 1379561_10151778915834582_1117036401_n 1379945_10151778907339582_1751098540_n 1380196_10151779003054582_475063660_n 1382381_10151778996154582_513519040_n 1383834_10151778990244582_717097352_n 1385906_10151778952899582_1345183362_n 1391966_10151778946599582_313292488_n 1393309_10151778945509582_1897013296_n

( PHOTO BY KATHERINE YOUNG (c) katherine young )

46447_10153421961940607_1924198040_n 601403_10153421960585607_307354122_n 644477_10153421964600607_1177066724_n 971531_10153421965315607_131910734_n 995882_10153421962450607_1223853331_n 999654_10153421959980607_300638232_n 1186180_10153421961730607_267054224_n 1378255_10153421965860607_675905957_n 1379880_10153421961545607_81672401_n 1379969_10153421965420607_1580291666_n 1381673_10153421964590607_825802774_n 1384260_10153421961215607_657447565_n 1385999_10153421964055607_1923055989_n 1393477_10153421964355607_1799602968_n


and lastly dont forget to use this hashtags:

#WiFiEyebrows #WiFiBrows

by Julia Buencamino

(To indicate England’s super awesome eyebrows. Haha.)

(Will also make another post entry for the merchendise I bought wiiii~ And I don’t even know why so yes. )


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