Overnight Camping – Boy Scout of The Philippines

During our 2 days and 1 night camping at our school’s outdoor gym.

Camera Used: IPhone 5

1010675_816596161687206_1666878142_n 1011437_816599301686892_949480389_n

1098283_816593578354131_581019843_n 1000636_816593965020759_913417497_n

1235027_816591381687684_2075091397_n 1622774_816593525020803_1667381377_n 1962739_816599495020206_1093122330_n 1964895_816596901687132_2113987426_n 1964977_816594711687351_1893047812_n 1982289_816593451687477_1274852308_n 10001474_816593328354156_1621487930_n 10001509_816594055020750_1923228903_n 10002946_816593588354130_20336187_n 10003153_816592621687560_2127911038_n 10003497_816595345020621_1616215658_n 10006587_816594085020747_903518976_n


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