Special Gift



Got this pretty gift from my special friend and lookie it has cutie charm ❤


First post of 2015

(12:15 Sunday February 22, 2015)

Hello there guys! It’s been a long time I mean super looooonnggg time since I’ve created a journal entry here. Flies are already swooning around. Haha.

Been busy lately because of school work and projects. Currently studying for hell week I mean exam week. But hey! After this week’s over I’ll have plenty of time to write up and post more pictures 🙂 (If I don’t get lazy huehue)

Well, 2014 was really a blast. Gained new memories and another year to cherish. As a graduating student all I can hope for now is to graduate with flying colors and ofcourse my dream to dye my hair. (Lol)




DSC_0045 copy

DSC_0489 copy

DSC_0493 copy

DSC_0494 copy

DSC_0501 copy

DSC_1042-2 (2)

Pork Prime Ribs (uncooked)

Turbo Chicken

So, that’s kinda it for now. TTFN~

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